500+ emails were flying & phones were ringing off the hook!

In the past few weeks, Treasurer Read and the Oregon Investment Council (OIC) have received over 500 emails and phone calls from Divest Oregon coalition members and friends. Many of the emails and phone calls came from PERS members. They have told the Treasurer and OIC that, “As an Oregonian, I am concerned about the ways in which public funds managed by the Oregon Treasury are being invested. The fossil fuel industry is a financially risky investment whose product harms the climate.” They have sent our demands:

– Immediately: No NEW investments in fossil fuels since they pose a financial, health, and climate risk to Oregonians.
– Disclose the Oregon Treasury fossil fuel holdings by November 2021 — COP26 (2021 UN Climate Change Conference)
– By 2026: Transparently phase out all CURRENT fossil fuel investments and move to climate-safe investments, using a social justice framework.

Calling and emailing the Treasurer and the OIC will continue as long as the campaign’s demands are not met.