Green investments are essential to protect Oregon’s future


The Oregon Treasury manages $130Billion in investments; $97B is in public employee pension funds. Oregon should be at the leading edge of climate-safe investments to support a sustainable future for us all.

Financial Risk

The data just keeps accumulating. Fossil fuel investments continue to get a below-market return on investment and they will soon be stranded assets that no one wants to buy.

Climate Risk

Fossil fuels cause climate chaos and deadly pollution. All too often pipelines and power plants harm our frontline communities and violate human rights.

Shifting Oregon Treasury holdings from risky fossil fuels to climate-safe investments increases our resiliency as a people and as a state and so we demand:


Immediately: No NEW investments in fossil fuels since they pose a financial, health, and climate risk to Oregonians.


Annually release a public list of all portfolio holdings in every asset class.


By 2026: Transparently phase out all CURRENT fossil fuel investments and move to climate-safe investments, using a social justice framework.