Statewide #DivestOregon Selfie Action

All through November – Join us in telling the @OregonTreasury and @TreasurerRead it’s time to #DivestOregon! They need to see that people from across the state are calling for them to divest.


Step 1: Take a selfie that shows where you are in Oregon. (For example: near a sign with your town name or a recognizable landmark.)

Step 2: Write “Divest Oregon Now!” on your photo

Step 3: Write a caption telling us why you’re calling on the @OregonTreasury to divest from fossil fuels. Are you a parent or guardian wanting to protect your child’s future? Do you live in a community plagued by wildfires and drought? Are you a PERS member concerned about your state treasury putting your pension at risk? Tell us what calls you to this movement!

Sample caption:

I’m calling on the @OregonTreasury to #DivestOregon! We need to stop funding Climate Change now!

Step 4: Post your photo and caption on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #DivestOregon, tagging @OregonTreasury and @TreasurerRead


Half the world’s fossil fuel assets could become worthless by 2036, so anyone invested in fossil fuels will soon end up with stranded assets. So why is the Oregon State Treasury still invested in a dying industry? If your friend was making an unhealthy choice for their future, you would tell them. The @OregonTreasury is making an unhealthy choice for all our futures. So we’re making our voices loud and clear.

Questions? Contact Debby at